Remembering Jane Noble

Remembering Jane Noble

Longtime figure in the Owensboro community, Jane E. Noble, passed away in her home at the age of 80 on Monday, June 6.

Candace Castlen Brake, president and CEO of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, said she was a “trailblazer” within Daviess County.

“Jane Noble was a pioneer for women in this community, both in business and in community leadership,” Brake said. “Her business success and her community leadership roles kept her busy but she always managed to be a tireless advocate for our community’s most vulnerable. Jane never backed down from doing what she thought was right. Even when the majority were satisfied in leaving well enough alone to save their own hides.”

In 1979, Noble started her own traveling agency “Livingston Travel” to help others pursue a passionate and peaceful life.

Brake said she had sold the Livingston Travel agency, but continued to work as a consultant. It was in that profession that she worked in until a month before her death.

She was no stranger to being the first in this community, having served as both chairs of the Kiwanis Club and the Owensboro-Daviess County Tourist Commission.

Recently, in 2004, Noble received the annual Athena award from Girls Incorporated for her various services in the community, and for her service in furthering women leadership potentials.

Tish Correa Osborne, the CEO of Girls Incorporated, said she was a person of bold determination for women and girls alike.

“She believed in justice and equity for all people,” Osborne said. “She loved breaking barriers, never for personal accolades but because she didn’t want any to exist. To say she will be missed is an understatement.”

Noble is also going to be missed by Pam Smith-Wright, who was a dear and special friend of Noble for many years.

Smith-Wright said Noble was like a sister to her.

“She and I have been friends for close to 60 years … and from the first day we met we just kind of connected,” Smith-Wright said. “We traveled together. We did all kinds of things together.”

Noble’s funeral service will be held on Saturday, June 11, at noon in Christ Community Church.

By Michael Crimmins Messenger-Inquirer