Leadership Owensboro

Leadership Owensboro

The Leadership Owensboro Program is a program of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce focused on educating and engaging individuals to reach their potential and maximize their impact in the community.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Improve the quality of life in the Greater Owensboro region by developing future leaders 
  • Identify key individuals with demonstrated leadership qualities and concern for Owensboro’s future 
  • Develop an educational program to familiarize participants with Greater Owensboro community’s opportunities, needs, challenges and resources 
  • Expose participants to a wide variety of current local leaders and notable persons through various types of networking opportunities 
  • Encourage independent thinking, fresh perspectives, and approaches 
  • Empower participants with relevant community issue knowledge and future possibilities for their engagement in Leadership roles

Each year, individuals are selected through an application process to be a part of the Leadership Owensboro program. Leadership Owensboro has an alumni base of more than 1,000 civic, business and education leaders.

Program Sessions:
The program includes 10 sessions from September to May each year. Sessions are a full day class, with topics including:

  • Expanding Leadership in Owensboro
  • Human Needs and Services
  • Education in our Community
  • Innovation, Agriculture and Our Economic Development Strategy
  • Issues in Local Government 
  • Healthcare in Our Community
  • State Capitol Visit
  • Justice System in our Community 
  • Changing Your Community 
  • Graduation Celebration and Alumni Reception

The class will discuss a project and will work together throughout the year to present an issue and a resolution to a community challenge.  The class will be responsible for implementing their project.

Leadership Owensboro Graduation Requirements
2019-2020 Schedule