Greater Owensboro community living Easter’s meaning

This is a column in the business section on Easter Sunday.

Over the past years, I have often struggled to make sure I try to keep in line with the spirit of business while still being able to acknowledge the importance of Easter and what it means to our world.

This year it is different. The two go hand in glove.

Today, Christians celebrate the triumph of light over darkness; of love over hate; of hope over fear. We are celebrating at home instead of houses of worship. Many of us will be listening to our church service on the radio or watching it online.

Like Jesus and his disciples on the night of the Last Supper, we are having to worship together behind closed doors. And more than likely, we will continue to for several more weeks.

Many of our businesses have closed, while others that can remain open in limited ways are doing their best to still serve their customers. Make no mistake. They are all making an extraordinary sacrifice.

Families are separated indefinitely from their loved ones. Our family members in assisted living and nursing facilities have gone for weeks without receiving a hug from their children or grandchildren.

Grieving families cannot be comforted in ways that are necessary to heal.

The sick are dying alone.

And yet in all of this darkness, light comes through. And the light is conquering the darkness. The examples right here in Greater Owensboro are endless.

Health care workers are waking up every day ready to tend to our sick, to care for our elderly, to nurse us back to health. Not just them, but their families carry the weight of knowing they are exposed daily to the virus. And yet they continue to serve proudly and resolutely.

Lenders are working around the clock to assist businesses in accessing relief dollars to keep people on payrolls and to provide a bridge.

A local fund was established for nonprofits who serve our most vulnerable. To date, over $650,000 has already been raised. This will provide food, clothing and shelter in a time of dire need.

Our community is stepping up to contribute to funds specific for those in the service industry. We are routinely ordering carry-out from restaurants. We are coming up with innovative ways to continue doing business with locals.

People in the manufacturing sector are going to work every day to keep a most important economic sector going. And our companies such as Glenmore, O.Z. Tyler and UniFirst are all doing their parts in creating, providing and distributing personal protective equipment.

Companies in our innovation sector are creating processes and treatments to combat COVID-19.

Teachers are checking in with students, driving through neighborhoods to bring smiles to children’s faces. Bus drivers and food service workers are feeding our children.

Our public works department is picking up more waste at our homes, and our transit workers are continuing their routes. Our utility workers are keeping our lights on and our water and sewers running.

People in constructions, trades and crafts continue to come into homes to fix our plumbing and electrical and to construct new homes and additions.

Our newspaper and mail carriers and delivery people are still coming to our homes to provide comfort and a sense of normalcy.

Our first responders are protecting us and keeping us safe.

Our farmers are working from sunrise past sundown to feed us.

Our shelters — including those for victims of domestic violence — are working around the clock to create safe and loving environments for those who need them the most.

And remember, for each one of these selfless people, there is a family at home who is sacrificing just as much.

The thing is, each one of us is doing our part. Whether it be by simply following the requests of our leaders to stay home or being one of the many keeping things going … we are ALL doing our part.

We know there are so many individuals and businesses being true light givers who represent the “better angels of our nature.” We look forward to beginning to share some of these stories celebrating those who are coming up with ways to serve the community.

Owensboro, we are living Easter every day. We see darkness, but we will conquer it with love. We will — and we are.