Shopping Owensboro gets us in the spirit and gives back to our community

“Are you ready for Christmas?”

How many times a day do you hear or ask this question to people as a sort of greeting this time of year? And the answer for me always is “yes!”

That does not mean I have shopping completed or menus ready. I am a last-minute person who gets better ideas closer to the date. I say I am ready for Christmas because it is a beautiful time of year. The weather here is usually perfect. Our neighborhoods are lit and welcoming. And people are in such a giving spirit. We have a particularly generous community, but it seems like this time of year, Owensboro is even more giving. It is easy to look around and see so many people doing so much good.

Besides our philanthropy and charitable giving, there is a sense of being good neighbors. People take pride in that. One particular way we can look after our neighbors is to patronize our local businesses who invest back in the community. Over the next week, many of us will be shopping for family, friends and neighbors. So it is the perfect time to go to your favorite Owensboro store and invest in your community.

And I have the perfect way for you to discover if a business gives back. Go to and get the Chamber Membership Directory. We have a categorized list of members. What does this membership mean? It means that the business invests in an organization that exists to grow the economy and move our community forward. It means that at the heart of the business is a belief that when we join together we can make more happen.

So this week, make it a point to visit three of your favorite Owensboro businesses. Spread some cheer and remember that every dollar you spend here will — in one way or another — come back around.