Our three B’s make an A+

We never get tired of good news.

And last week, yet again, did we have it! The marketing arm of United States tourism, Brand USA, visited Owensboro to announce to the community that we are turning heads worldwide.

“Hear the Music, Experience the USA” video, produced by Brand USA, was recently released globally. Owensboro’s video in the campaign has already received 3 million views and 22 million impressions on Facebook. Visitors around the world are looking for unique experiences. And our “under the radar” status when we are alongside cities such as New York City, Austin, Chicago and other heavy-hitters truly makes us unique.

Recently, every Sunday newspaper in Australia ran an article called “The New USA Bucket List: 11 Top Places You Need to See.” Kentucky made the list. And Owensboro was one of four “quaint townships” the article recommended that people visit.

Our music scene here, notably our rich bluegrass heritage and our vibrant mix of homegrown musicians, our bourbon trail status and one-of-a-kind barbecue all truly offer something that no other region has — anywhere.

Ohio County was heavily represented at the Brand USA event Thursday at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Their music venues create a truly regional feel and offer more unique traveling experiences for visitors to get at the heart of where bluegrass was born. I grew up in Ohio County and can testify that they are passionate about making good things happen.

This kind of notoriety does not just happen. Our bluegrass museum, O.Z. Tyler, a cadre of local musicians, world-class restaurants, hotels offering unparalleled hospitality, a community of citizens willing to host and volunteer at festivals and events, donors and taxpayers keeping the infrastructure ahead of the rest … nearly every one of us somehow plays a role in this success.

The president and CEO of Visit Owensboro understands the importance of this community collaboration. And he has assembled a team that is setting our community apart by creating buzz worldwide about what we all already knew … we ARE unique.