‘GO Vote’ campaign working to push turnout

Our GO Vote!!! Campaign is in full swing.

This election year, our Advocacy Committee is collaborating with students from the Wendell Ford Statesmanship Academy and the Chamber Young Professionals to ensure that we involve people in our community in every age group. The goal is to pass 50 percent in voter turnout this election.

Our group is doing a number of things to achieve this goal, but we believe the most effective advocates we have are grassroots efforts of our members and the people in our community.

How can YOU join in the GO Vote movement?

Encourage your neighbors, co-workers and friends to attend our events so that you can meet those running for us and hear what they plan to do if elected.

Attend Red White and Blue Presented by Big Rivers Electric Corporation from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday on the Daviess County Courthouse Lawn. Nearly every candidate on the ballot will be in attendance. Each candidate will have a couple of minutes to introduce themselves and to talk about their platform for the office they seek. They will also be around afterward to meet with voters and talk about issues of impact.

The Fraternal Order of Police will be on hand with free hot dogs and hamburgers.

We also ask for you to put GO VOTE!!! Messages on your signs, marquees or any other visible area in or around your establishment. For residences, we will have a limited number of yard signs available at our office.

Please use or share our GO Vote logos that are on our social media accounts or call our office at 270-926-1860. We ask you to share them on your social media accounts and use them as your email signatures.

We can make an impact together showing that regardless of our political party or personal believes, standing together to vote makes us a united community.

GO Vote.