The people who make us love our job

If you ask any of our Chamber staff, “What do you love about your job?,” you would surely hear something that relates to our specialties, but it wouldn’t take too long before each of us said … We love being able to celebrate with our members.

Our business, like each of yours, comes with its own set of challenges and bad days, but it’s being a firsthand witness to your successes that gives us the hope and inspiration to continue our work for this great community.

It’s Hollison. A business that grew from a realization that things could and should be done in a better way and actually doing something about it.

It’s walking into Bella Ragazza Boutique, finding that perfect outfit that makes you feel like a superstar; not because of the clothes, but because of the family of women there who remind you that you have always been beautiful, no matter what you have on.

It’s people like Brian and Janice Smith, who have put their absolute heart and soul into Diamond Lake Resort, making it worlds more than just a campground.

And, Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory, who takes some of your worst days, wrap their arms around you and gives you hope that you will soon have peace in your darkest hour.

The Canteen/Conti Corporation, who continues to truly care for this business community, while growing their incredible services and immeasurable relationships with their customers.

It’s Virginia Braswell, who has touched the lives of numerous families and countless hearts with the extraordinary work done by Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro-Daviess County.

It’s the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center that encourages our young people to get involved, be proud of what you stand for, but challenge yourself to see the other side of the coin.

It’s the Anderson family and Sun Windows, who truly represent the great manufacturing history of Owensboro, who have grown with new innovation, while maintaining their family’s initial mission of hard work and quality products.

It’s Cecil Farms Produce, who show the value of family. Who display great courage in transitioning to new ventures, while staying true to what your core beliefs are.

And, it’s you. Every person reading this and serving our Greater Owensboro business community. You make us proud to work for you every day. Through your hard work and dedication to your craft and in your commitment to making Owensboro a greater place to live for all of our citizens, you continue to challenge each of us to be better than we were yesterday.

Let’s celebrate each and every one of our Chamber businesses, because we all have so much to be proud of.

By Jaclyn Graves Membership Development Manager Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce