Bankers, financial advisers fuel local dreams, nonprofits

When someone asks us to describe our economic opportunity here, one of the first things we talk about is our banking and finance industries.

These sectors are ripe with career opportunities — opportunities to advance careers and to truly build a professional life where an individual can thrive and make Owensboro home. As careers, banking and finance also offer the opportunity to truly make a difference in lives and in our region’s advancement.

Look around Greater Owensboro and you will see on signs for every new project,: “financing provided by …” Each of these signs reminds us that behind big dreams are banks and credit unions made up of people who decide to take risks to make that big dream a reality. It is truly a constant reminder that none of us gets anywhere alone, and all the projects of which we are so proud became reality in a banker’s office

The financial advisers in our community are also behind those big dreams. They spend countless hours passionately planning to provide for clients in their most vulnerable and joyous times.

Besides the pragmatic and obvious contributions this sector makes to our community, there is also the philanthropic side. The community service hours that our bank employees make quite literally change the face of Owensboro. Every nonprofit executive will tell you that the resources of time, talent and treasure from our local financial institutions make it possible to accomplish their missions and service the underprivileged and disadvantaged in our community.

We at the Chamber are proud to serve these men and women as our members. And we know that with them working alongside us, we can continue to dream big and keep asking “What if?”

We salute you!