Leadership Owensboro experience invaluable to class members

Leadership Owensboro, a program of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, focuses on educating and engaging individuals to reach their potential and maximize their impact in the community. Each year, individuals are selected through an application process to be a part of the program that has an alumni base of more than 1,000 civic, business and education leaders.

Class members have the opportunity to explore various subjects such as human needs and services, the justice system in our community, our economic development strategy and so much more. Each session allows individuals to learn more and often times have a much deeper appreciation for our community. Other times, it rallies the group to ask questions, collaborate with community leaders and invoke change.

If you have not experienced Leadership Owensboro before, we hope that you will consider applying for the program. Applications for the 2019 Leadership Owensboro class are due Thursday, Aug. 2. Detailed information about the upcoming class including the schedule and the application itself can be found on the Chamber website: chamber.owensboro.com/leadership-owensboro/

I recently overhead a graduate of Leadership Owensboro encouraging others to participate in the program. The three words that stuck with me were, “so worth it.” For more than 30 years, Leadership Owensboro has carried a rich tradition in our community. Several classes have gone through the program, numerous business connections have been created, positive change has occurred, and friendships have lasted a lifetime.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you to the board members who have come and gone, but have always been invested in the mission of the program. Thank you to the elected officials who have supported and carried the ideas developed from classmates. Thank you to the schools, businesses and organizations that have opened your doors (and your hearts) to share your honest success stories and struggles with the class. Thank you to the presidents and CEOs who support an employee to experience the program year after year. Thank you to every speaker who has prepared content and shared his or her knowledge and passion with the class. Thank you to each graduate who not only invested themselves into the program and continue to push our community forward, but for also encouraging others to commit to experiencing the program.

Leadership Owensboro. Two words. 8 sessions. 30 class members. Numerous expertise. Different generations. Split political affiliation. Multiple backgrounds. Various personalities. One mission.

Because of you, Leadership Owensboro was, is and continues to be “so worth it.”

By Jessica Kirk Executive Director, Leadership Owensboro