Membership Investment

The membership investment schedule lists the minimum investment in all categories. Investments above the minimum amount are anticipated from most businesses, consistent with their stake in the growth and development of the community.

Business Investment:

Employees in area*
1-5                $270
6-9                $340
10-19            $390
20-49            $485
50-74            $625
75-99            $760
100+             $810**
*Based on the average year-round employment. Two part-time employees are equal to one full-time worker.
**Each additional employee above 100 add $2.75.

Professional Firms: (Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, attorneys, stockbrokers, architects, engineers, accountants, etc.) The membership investment for professional firms shall be the Business Investment rate listed above, based on total employees including one licensed professional owner, plus $150 for each additional licensed professional.

Real Estate & Insurance Agents: Membership investment for real estate agents and insurance firms included one representative. There is a $150 charge for additional agents.

Civic Clubs, Charitable Organizations, & Churches: The membership investment is $150 for these groups.

Agri-Business: $150

Individual Membership: Individual memberships are available only to government employees, educators, retired persons, or those not otherwise engaged in business or professional ventures. The cost is $150.

Banks and Savings & Loans: The membership investment is $8 per $1 million in deposits ($810 base).

New Members: A $50 enrollment fee is required for all new members, in addition to the member investment.