Chamber Member of the Week: Santa’s Toys

Anyone searching for the latest toys with high quality and playability have to look no further than Santa’s Toys, located just off KY 54. The family-owned operation opened in Santa Claus, Indiana, nearly 5 years ago before bringing the Christmas spirit to Owensboro this past November.

The store offers non-licensed character toys, constantly updating the inventory to emulate today’s hottest trends. Most recently, that trend includes fidgets, where Santa’s Toys is proud to offer a plethora of options at competitive prices. 

Beyond the toys, though, owner Mark Schmidt attributes much of their success to their customer service and the Owensboro community. 

“Our main goal is customer service. We want all of our customers to be able to depend on us for anything they need and know that we will always help in any way we can,” he said. “Our Owensboro store has performed very well. The parents and children have embraced us as the place to go for quality toys and a place to find those trendy toys.”

Toy stores have been a rarity in the tri-state, inspiring the Schmidts to open Santa’s Toys. Since opening more than five years ago, the amount of toy stores in the area has quadrupled, Schmidt said. 

“Toys are our passion and we noticed years ago that there was a shortage of real toy stores,” he said. “We opened the first store in Santa Claus and it has expanded as far as it could go and we decided we wanted our second store to be in Owensboro.”

The growing city with new retail areas along KY 54 made it an ideal location for their expansion store. Pair that with a local Chamber of Commerce that is committed to growth and it forms the perfect fit. 

“Owensboro was our one and only choice. We did not want our second store anywhere else,” Schmidt said. “We are in a one-stop-shop area which is very important for any retail store. We were met with open arms by the Chamber of Commerce here and they were willing to help and answer questions.”

Like many other businesses, Santa’s Toys is searching for helpers to join their company. Anyone looking for work can apply as a toy associate.

“We pride ourselves on the best customer service and need more help to continue doing this as we continue growing,” Schmidt said. “We encourage moms with gaps in their work history to apply. Who can multitask better than a mom?”

BY John Kirkpatrick The Owensboro Times