Engage Owensboro will connect citizens with service

The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce launched Engage Owensboro this week at Rooster Booster.

The breakfast was sponsored by Brescia University and featured Brescia gradate and Owensboro native Dr. Dori Howard.

Engage Owensboro is an interactive database designed to more fully engage citizens in Greater Owensboro. A collaboration between the Young Foundation and the Chamber, the database was designed by Pablo Gallastegui, a software engineer who came to Owensboro from Argentina to play soccer for Brescia.

The concept has been years in the making. As we have met with individuals over the past several years, we continue to identify common themes. One theme was relevant to community engagement. Most people want to serve and want to be involved in the community in some way. There was not a way to see what opportunities existed in one place. Retirees, recent college graduates, newcomers to the community — you name it. We hear every day from someone who wants to find an organization or a path for service.

On an economic level, community engagement is good for business. Communities where citizens are engaged have a higher civic health index.

And talent recruitment and retention are key components of our plan of work.

Engage Owensboro is designed to be a tool to connect talent to service opportunities and ultimately provide more depth in community leadership.

We currently have close to 50 nonprofits who are participating, and city and county board appointments are also included.

To participate in Engage Owensboro, visit the Chamber of Commerce website, chamber.owensboro.com.