Chamber Member of the Week: Paramount Staffing

Working with more than two dozen area companies, Paramount Staffing doesn’t just find one-off jobs or fill short-term positions.

Their goal is to match job seekers with a company to provide long-term employment — and possibly an eventual career.

John Mattingly, Sales Executive at the Owensboro branch, said Paramount works with 28 companies in the Daviess County area, and they help people locally and in surrounding counties find work. 

They have positions in a wide range of industries — light industrial, housekeeping, shipping and receiving, and clerical, to name a few. They fill part-time and full-time openings, including jobs with 12-hour shifts.

“We work with small and large companies,” Mattingly said. “Some of our clients only need one person. Some of our clients need 20-30 people. If we could fill them all, we’ve got one client that could probably use 50-60 people.”

Brian Basham, Staffing Coordinator at the Owensboro branch, said the hiring process starts with bringing in job seekers for an application. The staff does their best to find a position that could be a long-term fit.

“We try to get the feel of what they’d be good with, depending on their work history or what they’ve done before, and where they’re going to thrive at,” Basham said. “Our goal is not to keep them as temps but to give them a job and then they get hired by that company and could have a career.”

Paramount’s services are also beneficial to the companies looking to hire.

“We take care of their back office stuff, such as background checks and drug screenings,” he said. “It’s actually pretty easy for a company. We can send somebody there and if they work out the company can hire them. We handle all the hiring process. On the flip side, if they don’t work out then we have to fire them.”

Mattingly said on a “good week,” Paramount may fill 20-25 jobs. Qualifications needed vary based on job, as some companies are “felon-friendly,” while some require more extensive background checks.

He added that pay rate also ranges, anywhere from $9 to around $20 for some positions.

“We have a job for everyone, and we have pay rates for everyone,” he said. “It just depends on your skills and what you want to do.”

One thing the staff at Paramount wants to make clear is they want to get away from the old stigma staffing agencies have of helping people find one-day jobs are short-term work.

Instead, they primarily offer attempt-to-hire positions — meaning the companies plan to hire every employee Paramount sends over. They don’t fill “one-off” jobs where individuals may be looking for a quick payday.

“Every one of our companies right now will hire you,” Mattingly said. “That is their sole purpose. Get your 90 days done with or whatever it would be, and they will hire you. You will get a raise and join their company.”

Basham added the Paramount helps job seekers who may have little experience — such as those just graduation high school — by helping build resumes and interview skills.

“When they leave the office, they know exactly what to expect when they go into the workforce,” he said. “We get them jobs in hopes that they find a career in what they’re looking for.”

Paramount Staffing is located at 101 East 9th St. and can be contacted at 270-685-0962.

By Ryan Richardson The Owensboro Times