Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays.

A sentiment that brings such sweetness for many individuals, no matter how far away home might actually be. Pulling into the driveway, kicking your shoes off, settling into the couch, falling asleep and not setting an alarm, waking up to the smell of coffee, staying up late to catch up on life … there truly is nothing like being home for the holidays.

We associate home with things like this, but I have quickly learned that when you’re from Owensboro, you also associate being home with grabbing lunch from your favorite barbecue restaurant, treats from your drive-in of choice, dinner at your traditional spot all decked out in holiday décor, the oh-so-familiar homemade cheese balls that just don’t taste the same anywhere else. This season is all of those things, plus running into people you know place after place who want to know how life is where you are now.

Coming back home to Owensboro still fills you with all that goodness, but gosh is there so much more! Maybe you’re looking for a neat place to catch up with old friends or need to get some work done. Maybe you’re looking for a healthier lunch option or are having trouble finding a fresh ingredient for a new recipe – I’ve got recommendations for you! Owensboro is still (and always will be) filled with all of the greatness that reminds you of being home, but it’s also growing, building and becoming what you’ve always wanted and wished it would be.

Do we still have work to do? Sure. Doesn’t everywhere? You bet. The thing is, Owensboro is understanding that truth more than ever, and there are people here who literally wake up every day dreaming of building the Owensboro you want to come home to, the Owensboro you can picture raising your family in, the Owensboro you can chase after and build the career you want, the Owensboro you are proud of.

he changes I’ve had the opportunity to witness over the last eight years I have lived in Owensboro are incredible. I’m what you call a transplant but have grown to call Owensboro home. Over the holiday season, I hope you take the time to appreciate the little things that make Owensboro feel so much like home. I also encourage you to begin dreaming about the home it can still become for you.

From one millennial to another … welcome home. We’d love for you to stay.