Mural project example of community engaging young leaders

This week, a group of Chamber Young Professionals received final approval for a mural project in our downtown. 

The mural was designed by CYP member and Daviess County High School Art Teacher Austin Casebolt. Austin and a group of CYP volunteers hope to have the mural completed in the next few weeks. They have already spent nights and weekends preparing.

The drivers of the project are mostly in their 20s and the majority moved to Owensboro as adults.

This group met with Judge — Executive Al Mattingly for assistance which the Fiscal Court willingly provided. They also presented the project to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board, which gave approval for the space on the side of their building. Both the Fiscal Court and the CVB Board were open and encouraging.

This project, though it may seem small in scope, is a big deal. It is a perfect example of why people are moving to Owensboro, why we were rated in the top U.S. cities for millennials. We are a small city that offers quality of life. We who live here understand that and can check off the list of amenities that no other city our size has.

But there is something else that we have that is special and unique to us.

One of the best parts of my job is the amount of time I am able to spend with young people. There is something life affirming about being around people starting their careers and their adult lives. I hear from these people over and over that they feel welcomed and encouraged to become involved; that Owensboro is small enough that they feel like their opinion matters; that they believe they can have a real impact on our community.

We know we have to grow in numbers to keep a competitive workforce and to grow our base for talent, innovation and entrepreneurship. A key piece of that, particularly for young people, is allowing them to participate and lead. We have what it takes to do this. And we just proved it again.

By Candance Brake President and CEO, Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce