Internships vital to help our young people return home after college

With my junior year at the University of Kentucky approaching, my appreciation for the opportunity to work as an intern at the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce continues to grow tremendously.

The many lessons and skills I have acquired from working at the Chamber of Commerce have helped me grow as an individual, teaching me not to be afraid of challenges and to thrive in a professional work environment.

When I began this internship, I used the knowledge I learned from textbooks and my professors to guide me in my tasks and responsibilities. Interning at the Chamber of Commerce enabled me to witness and participate in the mission of this amazing professional entity whose focus is to assist the business and industrial community, while enhancing the local economy. I knew I had a substantial amount to learn about the Chamber of Commerce and the skills needed to succeed in a professional atmosphere.

My internship is constantly teaching me something new as I face different situations and gain new experiences, including working the Chamber’s monthly Rooster Booster Breakfast and helping resolve issues for local patrons. These responsibilities have challenged me socially, intellectually, and professionally, helping me to better prepare for my future. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that this internship not only benefits me, but also the community as I provide assistance to Chamber and community members. It has enabled me to learn outside of the classroom and to build personal relationships with people in my community. I can contribute to the Chamber of Commerce by taking on tasks from my coworkers, allowing them to put more time into other projects and responsibilities.

This opportunity has enabled me to work with an inspiring group of women, who are continually teaching me the importance of working together, from resolving complex issues to creating new objectives. They are a guiding force for this community and their jobs would not be possible if they did not work together. This internship has taught me to adapt to difficult situations, to use critical thinking skills, to take initiative and to be receptive to change.

Knowing that my college career will not last forever, I am grateful for the real world experiences and knowledge I have obtained through this internship and will use them to benefit myself, my future employer and my community. I have enjoyed actively participating in Chamber matters and learning its role in our growing community. The leadership exhibited and relationships made within this organization will not only impact my final two years at UK but will continue to impact me for the rest of my life.