Top Notch Events – Back to School Vendor Market | July 20

Top Notch Events – Back to School Vendor Market |July 20

Back to School Vendor Market

Event Information for Small Business Owners and *FREE* Child Entrepreneurs Booths

One purpose of the Back to School Vendor Market is to bring awareness to all the young entrepreneurs that have been invited to set up a vendor booth and sell their handmade crafts for FREE!

I want all children to feel welcome, safe, and happy to be at the event. I have three girls and they were involved in something like this when they were younger. They loved it!

Children are more than welcome to sit their booth right next to their parents/guardians who reserved a booth and even share space under the same umbrella.

I believe children having their own booth would make the children feel their booth is special.

Allowing child entrepreneurs to set up vendor booths will allow them a little independence and to practice developing their social skills and marketing skills. It gives them responsibility and my goal in the end is that they will feel accomplished and proud.

If your child is interested in setting up a booth at the Back to School Vendor Market, then please contact me for a registration form.

Same as adult vendors, ALL children must have an approved registration form before being allowed to setup at the event.

I ask that for any personal info, please fill in the adult’s info and write your relation to the child beside their name.

I would like to see the outcome of this event be successful and to make it an annual event!

There will also be vendor booths by MLM’s and other small businesses who set up along the walking trail at McConnell Plaza on the Owensboro Riverfront.

The cost for each vendor booth for businesses is $40 and each vendor must have an approved registration form.

For those who need electric for their business, there will be some electric but I must know ahead of time. This will be on a first come, first claim basis.

There will be a no trash left behind policy put into place and if this happens then that particular vendor will not be allowed at any future events.

Setup will begin at 9am
Event starts at 10am
Event Ends at 1pm
Cleanup will be completed by 2pm

For more information or how to sign up as a vendor,
please contact me by phone or email!

Amanda Wilson
Event Planner
Health and Beauty Advocate

MLM and Handmade Crafts Adult Vendors Needed

Food Trucks
Candles, Waxes, and Scents
All Crafts (shirts, woodwork, accessories, etc)
Diets and Specialized Meals
Drinks and teas with healing qualities
Haircare/Hair Accessories
Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, and Prebiotics/Probiotics
Homeopathic Medicine
Meditation, Mental Imagery, and Relaxation Techniques
Nutritional Supplements
Oral and Dental Hygiene
Personal Care
Household Products
Skincare and Dermatology
Spa Products
Traditional Medicine products (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, and Folk Medicine)
Weight Management
Reiki Services
… and anything else I haven’t listed!

Every special event applicant must procure and maintain at their expense commercial general liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. ****Proof of insurance, along with a certificate naming the City of Owensboro as additional named insured****, is required for any event on City of Owensboro public right-of-way and must be submitted to the Director Public Events a minimum of 30 days prior to the first day of the load-in/set-up of the event. The policy must cover the entire length of the event from load-in/set-up through the load-out/break-down of the event.

Did you hear about the 50/50 CASH RAFFLE at the Back to School Vendor Market?

When does the raffle start? NOW!

How much are raffle tickets? 1 ticket for $3, 2 tickets for $5, 5 tickets for $10.


When will the winner be announced? At the event at 12:30 pm.

McConnell Plaza Address
407 W Veterans Blvd,
Owensboro, KY 42301

(When facing the Owensboro Convention Center, the McConnell Plaza will be to the right behind a hotel.)

Event starts at 10am
Event ends at 1pm