Cromwell Media – Part Time Programming Employee

Cromwell Media – Part Time Programming Employee


1115 Tamarack Rd

Job Description

The ideal person for this position is someone who is interested in radio programming and production and who is organized and detailed.

We are looking for someone who is a self-starter and who enjoys a fast-paced work environment.

 Primary Job Functions:

 Board operating

 Verify logs for timing.

 Put produced spots in automation.

 Voice and produce commercials.

 Perform other duties as needed by program director.

Ideal candidate will have some radio experience, or be a broadcast/broadcast media student, with focus on production and on-air. Candidate needs to understand that this position is primarily handling details and behind-the-scenes tasks with limited on-air work.

Necessary Qualifications:

Detail-oriented and organized

Acute attention to deadlines and completion of time-sensitive work Dependability and reliability– while this is a part-time position, it is critical to the daily operations of the local radio station and our various radio networks. Flexibility– schedule will include weekdays and weekends