GO CAREERS a life-changing and business improvement opportunity

This has definitely been a time period of constant change.

Making any plans right now seems futile. But, making goals is most certainly not the same as making plans. A friend of mine recently asked me several questions to reflect upon as we work through the pandemic knowing that it will be over. What have you learned? What will you do differently when this is over? What do you value most?

It is a good time to take stock — to re-evaluate where we are and where we will go when the end of this time comes.

OCTC has a program for people who decide it’s time to invest in themselves or for employers who find that it is time to grow their own leaders.

GO CAREERS started in 2016 and is a collaborative program with the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation, the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce and Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC), modeled on the highly successful GO FAME program utilizing a “work and learn” format. An advantage of the GO CAREERS program is its accelerated degree path to an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration; the change is that the courses are now being offered virtually — while retaining the great cohort environment and live instructor interface.

Students will attend classes virtually, and there are some independent online courses throughout the program. However, this does not mean that students are “alone”. Students are assigned a success coach that works with the cohort throughout the program and helps them navigate college entrance requirements and any academic or personal issues along the way.

The GO CAREERS program has been highly successful, with 56 students who have completed the program, boasting a 96% retention rate and an average GPA of 3.6/4.0.

“The reasons for the success are that we have great instructors, provide excellent supports throughout the program, and utilize the cohort model” says Cindy Fiorella, Vice President of OCTC Workforce Solutions division. “OCTC was the first in the state to expand this model beyond manufacturing and we knew it had great potential, but even we were surprised at how successful this program has been. Not only do we offer concierge style support throughout, but the cohort model creates a dynamic and supportive learning environment for the participating students.”

This is not only a way to enhance individuals’ quality of life. It has also been beneficial to businesses here. David Little, Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking & Business Operations at U.S. Bank — one of our largest employers — shared, “GO CAREERS was intriguing for us from the beginning and we could apply the same development program for financial services as we saw was successful in manufacturing. Our read three years in has been a definitive yes! We remain focused on developing future leaders in our operations and GO CAREERS blends the job success and development with the educational knowledge and experience to build our leaders right here in Owensboro.”

So whether you are a small business owner, a corporate leader or a person who wants to invest in yourself and your future earning potential from home this semester, GO CAREERS is for you. And it’s just another reason why our Owensboro Community and Technical College is an institution we can continually rely on to make us more competitive.

For more information about the GO CAREERS program, please contact Antoine Smith-Rouse at (606) 278-0209 or via email at antoine.smithrouse@kctcs.edu. The deadline for employers and participants is Sept. 1.