Business is personal

Isn’t it interesting that we allow the opinions of naysayers to affect our mindset and question our purpose? We may hear 99 positives, but it’s the one negative that echoes the loudest.

Sitting down at my desk after our last new member breakfast, I surprisingly felt rejuvenated. Although I see it everyday, I was reminded of why the work we do here is important. I needed to see the faces of the thirty plus people in attendance who were excited to be a member of our organization. I needed to be revived and know that it’s okay to take it personally when someone tells me they don’t see our value. And, I needed to remember that there’s nothing wrong with knowing you have a great product and being proud of it.

We all put our heart and soul into our professional life. We spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families. We stress out over deadlines, orders and building our client base. We strive to uphold the integrity and productivity of the expectations placed upon us. Why? Why do we allow what we do professionally to affect our personal lives so much? Because, it is personal. We believe in what we do and who we work with and know that what we offer is a quality product.

I can promise you that when you get your box of fresh produce from the family farm up the road, sit down to another delicious dinner at your favorite Friday night date spot or take the first sip of your go-to pick-me-up from the coffee shop by your office, you can trust that it was proudly made with you in mind. I can promise you that when your Chamber staff goes to work for you and your business everyday, we are proud of the partnerships we have with our members and are confident in our abilities to improve the Greater Owensboro business community.

Be proud of what you do and the hard work you put into your craft. Be confident that what you offer and the efforts you exert are valuable. Hold your head high, continue to do things the right way and soon, those echoes you hear will turn into whispers and your doubts into fuel to further your deserving success.

By Jaclyn Graves Membership Development Manager