Farm-City Breakfast celebrates tradition and our future

At our last Chamber agriculture committee meeting, Leigh Ann Kuegel from Daviess County Farm Bureau brought in a photo which Rod Kuegel found recently. The photograph, published in 1957 in the Messenger-Inquirer, shows a group who had formed a committee to forge a relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and the Daviess County Farm Bureau. The group’s goal was to expose people from urban areas in Owensboro to the farm and to expose those who lived in rural areas to the major employers and businesses.

So there we were, 60 years after the photo was taken, planning our Farm-City Breakfast. Everyone around our table at the meeting was a member of the Chamber. Farmers, ag-related business representatives, small business owners, bankers, Farm Bureau representatives — all Chamber members.

The fact many farmers are members makes quite a statement. It is a demonstration of the fact that our ag community in Daviess County understands what is good for business. They know that all of us working together makes each one of us stronger. They understand that we all use the same roads, bridges and waterways to transport goods and to reach markets.

They understand that we all want a community of which we can be proud — a safe, vibrant community where we can raise our families, make a living, and hopefully where our children can grow their lives. Our ag members also realize that being at the table builds friendships and understanding in the broader community.

This commonground, this connection is why we have Farm-City Breakfast. We come together to share a meal and see old friends. We celebrate our heritage and tradition; and we also showcase our young people and the innovation occurring right here on Daviess County Farms.

Come join us next at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 25 at Daviess County High School. Tickets are available at the Chamber or Farm Bureau — $6 for the best breakfast in Daviess County.

By Candance Brake President and CEO Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce